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Mikki Moult Master


The Mikki Moult Master is designed with professional use in mind to save you time and energy. It is easy to use with a lightweight, ergonomic handle and stainless steel, heat treated teeth for long lasting durability. The double edged teeth give you double the grip and double the effectiveness, leaving you a well groomed pet in no time.

The Mikki Moult Master is designed and used by professionals to remove mass moulted hair from undercoat.
The Moult Master also smoothes down coats to add that special finish to hand stripped & short haired dogs, which breaks the back of moulting, allowing you to easily keep on top of your pets weekly grooming routine

Before using the Moult Master ensure that your pet’s coat has had all the large knots and tangles removed, is clean and completely dry. It is best to use the Moult Master outdoors or in an easy to clean area.

  • Designed by professionals with the user in mind
  • Easy grip handle, lightweight and easy to use
  • Heat treated stainless steel; long lasting and strong
  • Dual edged teeth; double the grip’ double the effectiveness
  • The ultimate de-shedding tool

About Mikki

Back in 1980, the first Mikki product to hit the market was the infamous Mikki Muzzle, this contemporary update on the traditional basket muzzle was loved by dog trainers as it allowed the feeding of treats whilst training – the first muzzle available on the market to do this.

Four years later, Mikki launched it’s first ever range of grooming products – made by groomers, for groomers and since then, Mikki has led the way in developing quality products that really work.

From the very beginning, Mikki has been a firm favourite among professionals and we strive to make professional quality available for everyone. If you’ve got a pet, we’ve got a grooming tool for you!

Over 30 years later, Mikki continues to stay true to its professional roots, being the only UK grooming brand with professional, award winning endorsements, with our team working tirelessly to develop the next big thing.

“As we’ve grown and listened to our customers, we’ve expanded our ranges to include everyday training and care solutions. Mikki knows that one size does not fit all and has tailored its ranges to meet the demands of a wide variety of breed shapes and sizes. Be it your dog pulling on his lead or your cat not taking her pills, we’ve got the solution for you.”

How To Use

Before using the Moult Master, ensure your pet’s coat has had all large knots and tangles removed, is clean/washed and the coat is completely dry. It is best to use the Moult Master outdoors or in an easy to clean area

Hold the Moult Master with your thumb on top of the grip behind the head. With smooth, even strokes, applying a little pressure, move in the direction of the coat. The undercoat and dead hair will come out painlessly, giving an even glossed finish to the coat.

Do not over repeat the process in any one area.

Do not use on delicate areas such as ears, stomach or around the eyes or genitals.

Always replace the Moult Master tooth guard when not in use.

Not to be used on wool coats i.e. Poodle, Puli & Bichon Frise.

If you pet is moulting and you house shows the effects – use a Mikki Pet Hair Magnet to help restore your home to it’s former glory!


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