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Dog Training

Human Coaching & Dog Psychology

Do you understand the psychology of your dog? 80% of owners do not and that typically is the root of the problem.

Not having the correct connection with your dog can lead to a break down in leadership following anxious behaviour from your dog. This can be shown in the form of excitement, reactive behaviour towards dogs and humans, separation anxiety and a lack in recall and general behaviour.

With our training programs, our mission objective is to understand the psychology of your dog and for you to learn and identify it. Following that we will coach you with your approach towards your dog. Demonstrating solid confident leadership putting your dog into a calm state of surrender whereby they will then follow your lead in a calm mind set taking away all the anxious behaviour; from pulling on the lead non-stop to trying to attack other dogs.

If you would like to enquire to find out more about how to book and the training/coaching options available, please contact us!

We offer a variety of packages ranging from one-to-one sessions, block discounted bookings and virtual coaching.