Hot Days


If the sun is out and it’s a beautiful day, what you see as a great day will most likely be very different for your dog.
Animals in general sleep and stay cool on hot days. Think twice about taking your dog out for your day in the sun. Most dogs would prefer a nice fun walk in the morning before it gets too hot and then will just chill out and sleep for most of the day, becoming more active as it cools down in the evening.
Pop Radio 4 on quietly, leave them a nice big bowl of water, and leave them to snooze during the hot part of the day while you go off and enjoy the heat!

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Removing Ticks


Always make sure you have a trusty tick twister in your draw or pocket if you are out and about. These can be used for both pets and humans!
Simply hook the tick with the twister then begin to gently twist and you then feel it pop off – do not pull it!
Check that the head is still on the tick and that it is alive straight away. This is to ensure that the tick has been fully removed and nothing has been left in. Tick twisters can be bought on our website or in-store.

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Cars in the Summer


The more modern our cars become, the more tools we have available to help out our pooches.
Check to see if your car has an app you can download. For example, Land Rover has an “incontrol app” to turn on your air con remotely and set the target temperature. This is perfect if you have your dog with you and you need to pop into the shops and the car remains safe and locked.
If you don’t have this, you may consider leaving your windows open. Firstly, if this is no wind there will be very little air movement so the dog will not really benefit at all from an open window. Also, dog theft can be an issue as an open window will make it easier for someone to break in and steal your dog.
If you are keeping windows up and using an app make sure you clearly leave a sign in the window telling others that the car is on and the air con is on!

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Country Shows & Events


It’s great to be outside and to take your dog along to dog-friendly events – but what’s fun for you might not be fun for them.
Loud noises, busy crowed areas, other dogs or live stock can all be things that your dog could find stressful.
Just because it’s a country show doesn’t mean you have to take your dog.
If you do, and you’re sitting down enjoying a drink make sure the dog has space and water. One thing that can really stress a dog out is the constant worry someone will step on their tail.

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Summer Ticks


It’s that time of year again. As the weather heats up, the fleas and ticks start to boom with activity!
Start regularly treating your pets for this to ensure that they stay flea and tick-free during the summer months.
If your pets have fleas and ticks, it is very easy for them to transfer to the home and can become a real problem for everyone!
Be aware of lyme disease. It’s very unlikely that you’ll get it however this is something that ticks can carry and can pass on to you.
Please head over to the NHS website to read up on signs and symptoms so you know what to look out for.

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Walking Your Dog on Hot Summer Days


With summer fast approaching and the weather warming up here are some things to consider for your pooch while we all enjoy the sun!
If it’s hot and you’re off out with your dog always think twice about where you’re going and what the surface will be.
If you’re going to be walking on pavement and it’s hot, it can cause damage and irritations to your dog’s paws.
Even if you’re walking to the park for them to play, if that walk is a medium to long walk to get there and you’ll be on a concrete surface most of the way there, then you should take the car.

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