Cars in the Summer

The more modern our cars become, the more tools we have available to help out our pooches.
Check to see if your car has an app you can download. For example, Land Rover has an “incontrol app” to turn on your air con remotely and set the target temperature. This is perfect if you have your dog with you and you need to pop into the shops and the car remains safe and locked.
If you don’t have this, you may consider leaving your windows open. Firstly, if this is no wind there will be very little air movement so the dog will not really benefit at all from an open window. Also, dog theft can be an issue as an open window will make it easier for someone to break in and steal your dog.
If you are keeping windows up and using an app make sure you clearly leave a sign in the window telling others that the car is on and the air con is on!