Project Description

Changing to a Cheaper Food

As we approach winter, there is more and more talk of a predicted recession. The winter will be hard on most households around the country and bills increase and the cost-of-living rises. When trying to save money, there are things you can consider in the pet department such as changing to a cheaper food.

Be careful when considering this as it’s not always the best method to save money as you could end up costing more. Changing your cat or dog’s food can lead to upset stomachs and other problems which can lead to expensive vet bills. Don’t worry if you are considering changing your pet’s food to a cheaper version – you should come into our store and speak to our staff for advice. We can work out the best option for you taking into account your pet’s breed, age weight, health, and your budget. The most important thing is that you make the change gradually to reduce the risk of your pet’s upset stomach.