Our Story


Having grown up on a working farm since a very young age I have been around animals and livestock most of my life.

Having owned my own pets which would range from fish, hamster, dogs to horses I started to learn all the different aspects of them from caring for them to learning about the best foods that they would befit from.

And having lived and worked on a farm I also developed from a young age the difference from caring for a family pet and caring for livestock.

When dealing with any animal one of the most important aspects of that is to understand the level of sensitivity they have. How you feel around them will be absorbed like a sponge. Take a horse for example if you are very scared and unsettled on it, it will feel that and therefore be unsettled like you.

Before I was allowed to get really hands on with animals my father made sure I understood this important part of animal care and then I became more and more involved taking on further responsibilities.

I moved to Petersfield and was working in the super yacht industry saving for a home and on the weekends enjoying my passion training working dogs.

Having then found my wife Fleur I was ready to buy a home.

Then a once in a life time opportunity arose which was to buy Animal Crackers Petersfield and because of our joint passion for animals all great and small Fleur and I chose to buy Animal Crackers instead of our first home as a family business in this industry is everything we could ask for!



Me! (Mikey)





Yarlie….. our future MD

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Karen – Shop Manager

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Mr Biggles….. shop dog and the top pigs ear consumer!